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Group orders like never before.

In the past decade, purchasing online has disrupted the bond between businesses and consumers. Ordering online through apps and platform or third parties it is easier, but it leaves small businesses out of the picture or profit. Prontapp is a platform that is focused on providing exceptional service to consumers while creating marketing, logistics, and business strategies to small businesses. Prontapp focuses on community oriented deliveries where you can place an order from multiple restaurants at the same times, and reduces the hassle of placing grouo orders.

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It all started as a hobby, then became an idea, and now a service. Have you ever tried to order food for a family or a group of friends? If you have, then you know how difficuly it is to pick a place to eat. Pedro, Prontapp founder, always found hard picking a place where he and Patricia, Pedro's wife, could eat together. While using the multiple services around London, Pedro realized that on none of them you could order food from multiple places at the same time, and then Prontapp was born. Pedro started doing deliveries with other platforms to identify their flaws difficulties, and 

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