BAKU BK-909 Soldering With Hot Air Gun Soldering stations and heat guns are used microprocessor PID temperature regulation. The system is an automatic and cold function. It is colled to 100 celsius. It automatically switched to the power-saving mode. It helps to extend the heating unit's life and protect the hot air gun. Attention: Be careful, when you are operating with the high temperature, do not use near the flammable and explosive gas, and other objectives. When the hot air gun is working, do not leave the work position. The hot air gun is not touched by the children. After using let it give them time to cool down and save it to the cool place when it is turned off, the heating tube will be gushed out and temporarily and cool air temporarily. During the cool-down period, do not take out the plug. Functions: It is perfectly suitable for the unsoldering multiple components such as SOIC, Chip, PLCC, and BGA, etc. it is specially used for flat cables and cable connectors. It is low in noise, soft airflow, even temperature, it is suitable for the various types of soldering. It comes with various types of nozzles and easy to replace.



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