Features: High capacity, ultra light and ultra slim power bank This is a Portable USB Power Bank. This can be easily used with any type of mobile phone, media player, tablet PC, Digital camera or any Electronic device needing 5 Vol Input. Take this compact portable Power Bank charger anywhere with you and avoid disappointing moments by recharging your gadgets that are running low on battery. The Bilitong Power Bank comes with Original Real Capacity Cells inside which provides minimum 500 charging discharging cycle life. Bilitong Power Bank uses the technology to give Constant current and constant Voltage during the entire duration of charging the mobile. Bilitong special technology of charging circuit is Safe for your Mobile and Gives out Honest Correct Voltage output, providing healthy and longer life to your Battery and Mobile. Stylish and sleek design. Micro USB cable included. Restrication: Never let your gadgets run out of power with Bilitong Power Bank powered by High Quality Real Capacity cells. This is a Portable USB Power Bank



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