Budi Dual USB Home Timer Charger UK plug (030U) PD type C Qc 3.0 Badi supported optimal PD, QC 3, and 12W / 2.4A. 4 ports are available for charging. 4 devices with swivel plug for convenient charging with timer. It provides more safety and saves more power. Support Four Devices to Charge at the Same Time It is very compact and will not interfere with the other jacks of the socket. No protruding plug to avoid damaging your bag. You can take it when travelling or plug in your office, studio, and bedroom 48 watt USB Universal Charging Conventional charging speed, compatible with Android and IOS devices. If your phone does not support fast charging, it will provide you with the maximum charging current and will not damage your device Saves energy by cutting power when the timer expires Consumers can set according to the devices charging time. Countdown time socket, help you automate your electrical devices. Small, compact and portable. It is small in size and portable and carries everywhere. It is perfect for outdoor and travel use. Charge quickly and safely: professional cell phone and digital charger, it can guarantee the safety of users in the charging. Foldable EU plug for easy carry, great for travelling, it can be used in the office, home and the public place Saves power: Saves energy by cutting power



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