5D Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S10 gives full-screen coverage, featured with the high-quality protective film, special AB glue, which is automatically absorbed during the installation and avoid the bubbles effectively. The tempered glass is made of high- quality material. The glass is covered with a transparent crystal, and a stable structure. The 5D tempered Glass ensures the maximum clarity of your phone. Premium-quality gives clear transparent best screen view. High-quality material: It is made of the high quality, multi-layered screen protector protect the screen from scratches, dust, oil, etc. Featured with the film AB glue, which is automatically absorbed during the installation and avoid the air bubbles. High transparency: 99 % clear, crystal clear transparent give you the best visual experience. 9H surface hardness: gives scratch resistant. It is equipped with the oleophobic coating, effectively reduce the appearance of the fingerprints. The glass seems to look clean, anti-Formation keep the glass free from smudges and fingerprints. Fully sealed Glass: dustproof, dust will not enter in the glass. Shutter proof: in case of the improper use of the product (bending, breaking), broken glass does do not have the sharp ends. It is completely safe for the user. No air bubbles: High-quality tempered glass makes no air bubbles, easy to install. It gives a faster response on touch. The tempered glass offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. Scratch-resistant: 9H hardness protects the screen from the unwanted scuffs and scratches. It a so protects against the sweat and residue from the fingerprints. The screen gives a glimpse of the untouched all day long. High Transparency: high transparency gives clear clarity. The Hydrophobic viewing screen coating protects the screen to protect against the sweat and residue from the fingerprints. 9H: tempered glass screen protector Tempered improved technology to scientifically strengthen explosion-proof and protective edges. Anti-scratch, make it sure to love your smartphone is to feel undamaged, pumice stone, smooth, feel the bare metal.



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