Compatible R1 Smart Car Wireless Charger Using WPC QI wireless fast charging: It provides10W for android phones.7.5W charging power for iPhone. QC 3.0 charger is necessary for fast charging. Safe charging: The smart chip inside provides multi-protection. It automatically protects the battery at a high temperature. Protects in short circuit: The current automatically cut off in the form of short circuit. Electromagnetic protection: place magneticfield, interference to ensure proper operation. Overpower protection: it prevents the battery from the excessive power charging. It effectively prevents the battery from too high charging voltage and prevents too much current. 360-degree rotation: The round rotated the ball, you can 360-degree the rotation at any angle. Universal compatible: it is widely compatible with your smartphone. It makes your drive enjoyable. Enabled with all Qi-enabled phones. Wireless car charger: The wireless car charger built-in infrared Sensor. The arms will auto-open when the sensor detects your phone is coming closer. Easy to operate: The car wireless charger is easy to operate.



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