Convenient, safe and practically suitable for all kinds of the models, that supports the wireless charging, The cell phone charging has never been so simple, with the arrival of the latest technology, you just need to put the mobile device on the wireless charger. The charging is properly functioning. You can put the cell phone horizontally, vertically and you can enjoy eth freedom of charging. The LED lamp is so beautiful. Non-slippery and design safety: Non-slippery, design safety: the base is built in anti slips mats. It is better placed at the random bottom. Wireless charging: The product is in line with the Qi wireless charging standard. It is safe and efficient in work. The structure is of design is so safe in using. LED Light indicator: built-in LED indicator light will alert you if the device is not properly aligned and when a good charge alignment is required. In the process of the charging. You can get rid of the wire harness, safe and convenient in use. Smart technology on the desk: The industry shaped the LED lamp, come with stable technology, smart technology is available on the desktop. Solid and practical charging production: Small volume and wireless charging, compatible with the wireless charging phones.



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