Desktop QS04 Web Camra for PC Laptop Skype Yahoo MSN Messenger Plug and play: Web camera for PC, Laptop, Skype, Yahoo, MSN messenger is easy to install with USB connector. You don?t need to worry about drivers on Windows or Mac. Desktop PC cameras are compatible with built-in mounting clips and tripod threads, and you can connect it to almost everything you can think of. Whether on an LED display, a laptop cover or a desk. Built-in noise-cancelling microphone?: you can hear the sound within 10 meters, means that you do not have to close, or even embarrassed to kiss your camera. ? Adjustable angle: Up and down 30 degrees can be rotated, Manual focus, you can freely rotate the lens to adjust. It can be placed horizontally on computer ? Built-in stereo microphone-video webcam Built-in noise reduction microphone, the webcam can automatically eliminate background noise and capture sound within 5 meters and achieve studio-quality sound, It is the best choice for video conference output Medium sounds clear. ? Automatic settings: it automatically adjusts Automatic white balance, automatic colour correction, Automatic low light enhancement, Work on webcam chat, YouTube, Skype, face time, windows live messenger, Yahoo, Hangouts, or similar technology. ? Wide 90 Degree Angle View, no optical distortion. Great for webinars, and video conferencing. webcam build-in dual digital stereo MICs with automatic noise reduction makes the sound purer and clearer, It is the best choice of video conference



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