G-Case Fast wireless Charger G case fast wireless charger allows charging your iPhone on the pad simultaneously effectively and stably. It will bring exceptional fast wireless charging experience. It gives to support the various mobile phones and electronic devices. The wireless charging functions come under the Qi standard before using the pad. Fast Charging: 7.5W for iPhone X/8/8Plus and 10W for Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S8Plus, Galaxy Note 8, and 5W for other devices with QI Certified, 2.5W for iWatch. Embed with: iWatch Original charger to charge iWatch, it gives Protection for Body and Environment. Built-in: diaphragm, closed magnetic field, so no radiation to damage on the human body and environment. Intelligent Recognition: Charging mode can match the appropriate mode automatically according to different devices. Advanced Safety Protection: The device can be charged immediately as long as you put the corresponding Qi device on the corresponding position of the wireless charger. And you can save your time since you don't need to change connector frequently. In addition, the product adopts the most advanced automatic control device safety benchmark, your Qi protocol phone or Apple Watch can avoid overcharge, over-discharge, overheating and short-circuit to protect your phone and iWatch.



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