Type C 3.5 mm 2 in 1 operate same with the type C plug and two 3.5mm jack. 2 in 1 aux cable allows you use two kinds of mobile phone (one connect to type c port and another use 3.5mm port) to transfer and play audio to one home/car stereo at same time, or use one type c phone to connect with two stereos, or use one of them independently (type c to 3.5mm male cable or 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable), provide you more choices. It is convenient to have both USB C to android mobile users. It connects with your phone to the car audio Hifi amplifier speaker. It has a beautiful design and enjoys a different life experience. It is compatible with devices with 3.5mm port and type c port. Folding Resistance it is made of flexible cord Carbon Nylon Braiding and adopted both 100% Coppery Core not only let it look very beautiful but also has a high folding resistance strength for the act of twisting, turning or alternating bending than other plastic product. Beautiful Appearance This Type C Phone AUX cable with brighter color is knitted from Nylon material, having a play of luster and durability. It looks like artwork, very beautiful and upscale. Super Sound Quality? Adopted DAC sound chip which used the design of high fidelity digital signal transmission assures superior sound quality. Compatibility: It could be used in many different devices which is applied to type c port like Motorola moto z, le 2 / le pro3and other type c devices or applicable for 3.5mm male port such as a phone with Android and Car / Home Stereos.



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