Male to Female USB Cable Male to Female USB Cable You can extend your USB connector to your computer by 9.8 feet, it is used with the printers, cameras, mice keyboards, and other USB computer peripherals. Male to female cable is corrosion resistant, with the gold plated connector, gives the optimal signal clarity. The shield provides protection against noise from electromagnetic and radio frequency signals. It keeps your signals clear with less loss of bandwidth for higher performance. Male A connector plugs into the computer and female A connects to a cable you need to be extended. You can also check your device manual and connected when you need. 9.8 foot long (3 meters) USB 2.0 A male to the female high-speed extension cable. The shield is used to minimize the interface. Connectors: USB Type A female to Type A male. Superior foil shielding provides reliable, error-free data communications. High-density shielding and High-purity copper conductors. Extend the distance between your USB peripheral and your USB hub or computer. Superior foil shielding provides reliable, error-free data communications. The 10m USB Cable is fully compliant with the new high speed 2.0 standard. Plated corrosion-proof connectors for maximum conductivity transmission. USB Cable supports Windows 2000, XP/Vista, Mac os V9.0 or higher. High transfer speed: 480Mbps. Cable Length: approx. 10 Meter / 33FT. Weight:368g



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