This is a USB 2.0 Sync and Charge cable for any Micro USB Slot Mobile Phone. This cable is necessary for any Micro USB slot Mobile Phone owner. Due to the cable being a 2.0 USB cable it lets any Micro USB host Mobile Phone user to transfer data up to 480 Mbps. It works very simply by plugging one end of the cable into the USB port of your PC or Mac computer and the other end into your Phone. Once plugged in it starts to charge and sync data with your device immediately. Due to the cable being Plug & Play it will also appear in your removable drive which is ?my computer if you are using a PC or Laptop and if you are using a Mac it will appear on your desktop. This way you are able to transfer files from and to your Phone. Compatible with the following 1) For Samsung Galaxy SIII / i9300 i9500 SII / i9100 Note 2 / N7100 Note / N8000 Nexus / i9250 i9308 i9100 i9108 i9188 i9103 S5820 S5830 S5660 i9000 i9001 i9003 i9250 i9220 i9228 N7000 i8150 i8350 i677 T959 i997 i9020 i9023 i8700 E120S E120L S7500 S5360 S5368 i579 i889 i809 i897 i9088 W589 i929 i9008 i9008L i909 etc. 2) For LG Optimus Series Nokia Lumia Series HTC Sony and any Micro USB slot Mobile Phone 1. NEW USB to USB Data Sync and Charge Cable 2.This Cable is Not genuine product, but premium quality 3. This Cable was made specifically for Samsung cellular devices for Samsung S3,i9300,samsung S4,i9500, Galaxy Note 2. 4. Connect your Samsung mobile phones with USB connector with your PC to charge or sync data. 5. Connect your Samsung mobile phones with USB connectors to The Samsung USB power adapter for convenient charging from wall outlet.



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