28 cm        £         13.00
26 cm        £         10.40
20 cm        £            6.50


28 cm -  £ 13.00

26 cm - £ 10.40

10 cm - £ 6.50


A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy cookware, and the superior non-stick Marbell surface enables you to cook with considerably less oil or fat. Nea Impacts' tasteful speckled marble design will elevate the appearance of any kitchen. It's time to make an impact in your kitchen! Designed for everyday use, the soft touch silicone handles help to protect against burns. This original, stylish and contemporary Nea Impact Frying Pan not only delivers exceptional cooking results but it is also the most trend-setting piece of cookware on the market. Made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminium, heat will be distributed beautifully evenly, ensuring your food is always cooked through to perfection.

Nea Impact Frying Pans

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