This is a 28 Watt 2D Energy Saving compact fluorescent lamp with 4 pin base (It is a suitable replacement for any branded 28w 4pin 2d type lamp and available at the most competitive prices. The energy-efficient 2D (PL-Q) lamp has an average life of 8,000 and has an A-class energy efficiency. An energy-saving 28W fluorescent 2D lamp, which is commonly found in low profile luminaires such as those in corridors, stairwells or bathrooms. This compact fluorescent 28W Double D bulb emits a bright 2050 lumens of cool white 3500K light. Its long 10,000-hour life means that once the bulb is installed, it will be years before it needs replacing again with a lifespan of up to 5 years. It can be used outdoors when installed in a suitable IP65 rated light fitting. These energy-saving ceiling lights are designed for offices, businesses and industrial appliances. Bright, crisp light. Bulbs offer huge energy savings which will reflect on your electricity bills. The superior quality of light with excellent color rendering ? Energy-efficient: up to 80% less power consumed than standard incandescent lamps of the same light output ? Long life ? Cool running ? Not suitable for dimmable switches



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