Pifco 4 Gang 2M Extension Lead EXT0068GE Extension cable 2 meters, 4 way, inbuilt fuse protects connected devices from damage in case of a sudden surge. It is a fire retardant cable. The spike guard is capable of carrying 6A current and 1500VA load safely. The extension cable is operated upon 220 voltage. It may include a 4-way spike and surge guard with the 2-meter wire. The 4 universal sockets specially designed to accommodate plugs of different design and types, compatible with multi-country plugs. It has a shockproof body. It can bear heavy duty load up to the 1.5 KW. The extension cable is overloaded and provide the circuit protection with replaceable fuse, equipped with surge and spike protection, cable length suitable for convenience of connection, firm grip sockets for enhanced safety, on/off switch, ergonomic design with appealing aesthetics Product specification: Material: ABS, Finish: Glossy, Colour: White ? Package Contents: 1-Piece Extension Board ? Shockproof body ? Heavy duty load up to 1.5 KW ? Overload and short circuit protection ? 4 Way Extension Socket with LCD Display ? Built-in Timer; Switch your appliances on or off when you want ? 2 meter, 4 way, ? Easy to Set u



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