Remax is a modern and high quality premium brand which is covering a wide range of the most important accessories for mobile phones and mobile devices. All Remax products combines the reliability and durability, which managed to get through attention to the selection of the highest quality materials and components. Remax products has bright and original design and technical solutions, which makes these products unique, and nothing can compare with them. Stylish Pocket size External Power Bank with hight capacity of 5000mAh to charge up and LED torch for any device witch support USB Plug Charging - Max 1A Possible to charge Up Mobile Phone till 2x Times, which depends from mobile phones battery capacity in mAh. LED Indicator which shows battery charge status level. One standard 5V USB (Max 1A) charge Plug. Auto On/Off switch button. Remax Power Bank external charge up batteries has more longer working cycles, thanks to battery elements which is made in Japan. Capacity: 5000mAh Li-Ion Extra durable and ergonomic plastic Compatibility: Universal USB Charger Plug + Universal Micro USB 25cm Data and Charger Cable Included Package Contains: External Battery Charger, Micro USB Data and charger Cable 25 cm Technical Parameters: Capacity: 5000mAh Key features: Sufficient capacity to extend device holdtime for several hours Aluminum body Power Bank status indication Elegant matt white design complete with metal frame Small dimensions and low weight



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