REMACLIFE gravity bracket Car Holder, cell phone holder, car accessories from the world's leading smartphone manufacturer, Good quality materials to increase durability, durable, easy to use and convenient.Mobile air conditioning handlebar holder from Remax RL-CH01, suitable for those who need to use the car. Use the road for a long time due to traffic congestion or have to travel a long distance, can use the Car Holder. This mobile phone holder can be adjusted to fit your mobile phone size. Feature The gravity holder can be rotated 360 degrees. There are no tools required, easy to install. Gravity holder is made from high quality materials. It is very strong and durable in use. The handle arm can be extended up to 4.5-6 inches in length. The spring-type grips help hold the phone tighter. Ready to use how to use 1. Push the button on the back to make the arm holding the air inlet extended Then inserted into the air conditioner compartment Then release to clamp on the tongue of the air inlet 2. Put the phone down from the top Then the receiving arm will lock automatically



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