Remax 2.0A 3.5 mm earphone adapter audio jack extender compatible with the iOS 11. It is used for charging and listening to the music, the cable is equipped with the lightening (male plug), on the other side, mini-jack 3.5mm and lightening (female). This accessory is equipped with the IC chip, which provides the high-quality transmission of the signal audio. The cable will allow you to expend the possibilities of simultaneously using your device with the lightning connector, especially, when it is presented in the device in the single version. With the adapter, you can enjoy your favourite music by connecting audio equipment with a minijack 3.5 connector and charging at the playback gadget from RAM r a portable battery. 2 in 1 lightning headphone and charger adapter: Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter + Apple Female Adapter was particularly designed for iPhone 7/7 plus for charging and listening to music at the same time. Not supported the volume and calls. The product works well with the iOS 11 system. The audio connection of the iPhone 7 connector transfer to 3.5mm. It makes you enjoy 3.5 mm earphone. Before using you should make the adapter connect the earphone and cable first and then connect the iPhone. iPhone 7 lightning adapter: 1.5 charging ports compatible with all the devices that consist of the lightning connector and support the version of under iOS may include the iPod touch and iPhone. The function of data transmission is not supported. Clear Sound and low noise: Built-in decoding chip enables fast reading of mobile phone audio data through the stable and rapid transmission. Transmit in high code rate with less noise and better fidelity of sound.



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