Side glue tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy S7 come with protective film available in the wholesale prices. Buy the best quality side glue tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy S7 at reasonable prices. Side glue Tempered glass protects from the anti UV rays, anti-scratch, anti-static, dust-proof, bubble-free, non-corrosive, high transparency. Tempered glass will protect your screen of your device from any kind the damage. The side glue tempered glass is 100% transparent, extremely resistant to scratches and give your smartphone new look. The glass, clear and transparent look has great importance to give finishing to the edge. The edges of the glass are offered finished with a rounded angle. The tempered glass is available in "full face 5D". It is a combination of a frame that is CLEAR and high quality hardened glass with a strength of 9H. This makes the glass invisible and provides perfect protection for the entire screen. 5D hardened glass has an adhesive layer on the entire glass surface. The reason is the perfect gluing of glass to the screen, which provides 100% protection of the display of our device. HD QUALITY: Oleophobic layer prevents smudges and fingerprints, leaving the surface of a transparent and aesthetic look ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY: no signs of installation are seen on the screen dampening the surface of the screen. Excellent adhesion on glass, free of air bubbles. SURFACE HARDNESS: Specially treated glass surface of very high hardness of 9H. Oleophobic Coating: Anti- formation on the glass of fingerprints and smudges. At the same time easy to keep clean. SENSITIVITY IN TOUCH: very high sensitivity of the glass, which does not affect the functionality of the phone and leaves the sensitivity of the screen at the same level. Shatterproof glass in case of improper use of the product (bending, breaking) broken glass is no sharp ends and is completely safe for the user. Full Adhesive, Fast Response: Full Adhesive way ensured there leave no space between actual screen and screen protector, allow screen fast response without any interference. Also do not need worry about the fall issue. Case Friendly: Because of the curved edge, this protector is designed to be SMALLER than the actual Front Plate, ensure it can compatible with most of cases, but it's cover space is larger than the displayed area. Anti-Scratch, Shatter Proof: Up to 9H Hardness, provide max protection, anti-scratch, ease the impact force. Avoid screen damage from sharp object, blast, wear. When broken,it will keep in a whole piece not broken into small pieces. Protect you being hurt



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