Telephone to Telephone Cable 30 Meter Telephone cable is easy to install at home, offices, and the other telephone system. The external material is made of the plastic. IShine offers a wide range of telephone cable selection. Telephone cables are part of the wider telecommunication, which covers the Ethernet networks and data centers. A telephone plus is the type of the connector, that is used to connect the telephone, directly to the telephone, along with the wiring inside the building. It is inserted into its counterparts, telephone jack, it is commonly fixed with the main wall and RJ11 modular connector. It is not the only aspect of the electric connector, but it also the pinpoint, to connect with the telephone. The installation of the conventional wired telephone has four connection points, each has used for the hard-wired, but more useful in the plug and socket. ? The telephone line to the phone cord: this is a wall jack, the connection is more standardized and regulate the boundary between the individual telephone points. ? Telephone cord to the telephone set base: The connection is generally not regulated it often 6p4C connector telephone set base to handset cord: By de facto standard, this is usually a 4P4C connector. ? Handset cord to handset: The handset end of the straight-through handset cord also uses a 4P4C connector. ? 4P4C RJ11 for RJ1 phone cable is the ideal phone accessory ? Can connect your phone with RJ11 connection to other RJ11 devices ? Easy to install for home, hotel, office and other telephone systems. ? External Material: Plastic



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