Comprehensive safety Protection: Built-in chip automatically adjusts the output power, because of the ambient temperature and real-time battery percentage. The phone provides comprehensive protection, temperature control, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection and over current protection. The quick wireless charging technology allows you to enjoy the wired charging speed, with the help of a wireless charger. Silicone surface: Soft and comfortable unibody comes with the silicone surface, both protect your phone and prevent you from the fallings. Drop and charge: Just say goodbye to the limitation of the traditional wired charging, and embrace with the convenience of the elegance of the wireless charging. Object deduction: You can automatically power off while detecting the keys, coins, ID travel cards and other metal detecting objects, or control the temperature, and other metal-containing items, avoid putting these things to avoid overheating. Universal compatibility: According to the Qi standard, it is compatible with the smartphones, earbuds and other devices and adjusts its output power automatically. You can charge safely. Case compatibility: There is no need to remove the cases and covers. You can conveniently charge 5mm no metal phone cases directly.



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