W8 Smart Watch Compatible For Phone W8 smartwatch is used as a smartwatch, it is also called a small GSM phone. You can also plug in Sim card and directly make the phone calls and messages. You can dial Bluetooth without Sim card. It also integrated with many functions. It is built-in 0.07 MP camera, antilock, remote control, pedometer, sleep monitor, music player and many more. The other functions are also available for the iPhone, Compatibility: smartwatch is also compatible with the Samsung, Google Pixel and /Pixel XL, HTC, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE, OPPO, XIAOMI(Attention for Apple iPhone, this APP can' t be installed by iOS, when without a sim card, watch can only receive and make calls after connecting with Apple iPhone. 2Bluetooth mode: For Android smartphones, it supports anti-lost, phone book, Fundo (sports app), remote camera, Pedometer, alarm clock, sleep monitor, sedentary remind, calendar, calculator, voice recorder, MP3, MP4, multi-time zone, multi-language, military time and notification push including facebook, twitter, emails ,calls, texts etc. For iPhone, it only supports music player, handsfree/making calls Pedometer, Calendar, Call Sync, Calculator, and Clock through Bluetooth connection. Use as a stand-alone phone - If put SIM card in the watch, you can make phone calls directly from the smartwatch, including answering and dial-up and Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Pedometer, alarm clock, sleep monitor etc. (For all android and iPhone device).



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