Y68 Quick Fast Wireless Charger When you need to charge the device on the charger, charging will automatically start. When you light of the theme of the colour into blue light, and to indicate the way the breathing lamp in charge. , some iPhone and Android mobile phones need to install a general-purpose receiver. This wireless charger can be used with any compatible with Qi standards for mobile phones and devices, and provide Qi Standard Wireless Charger, Standby power consumption: it has Aluminum alloy ultra-thin slim Wireless Charger. Over-temperature protection: When charging temperature is higher than 60 degree automatically stop charging for 1 minute, wait for the temperature down and then recharge. Over-current protection: when the charging output current is greater than 1.5A is to automatically stop charging, to prevent damage to the charger. Portable design: Portable, attractive design and modern, wireless charging technology and perfect in outlook. Compatible for android and iPhone: it is a combination of life will provide you with the wireless border, please note it is not suited for all of iPhone and Android. phones. Absolute security: It is connected to the charger in the absence of the equipment placement, the product stands by the green light when the phone is full of electricity, there is no light, remove the phone to green light.



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